Costanza Candeloro


Format: 20,5 x 13 cm

Pages: 33

Language: Italian

Year: 2019

Design by Paola Bombelli

Cover by Viola Leddi


EVERY ME is a short story by Costanza Candeloro. The story is set in a city with recognizably Bolognese features and follows the actions of a series of dogs which differ in social background, size, age and lifestyle. Through some of their specific expressions, including barking or leaving smelling traces around the city, they create a network of communication, of transmission of information. The contents of these ‘information traffics’ aim to find a point of connection between the different social universes they belong to; they build a parallel system in which these realities cooperate: a purebred poodle can get in touch with a half-breed homeless dog creating a correspondence between the apparently incompatible worlds of their respective owners. The background to these events are the parks of the residential areas of the city, where dogs are kept on a leash, as well as the social centers where they are left completely unattended during the holidays.

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