Reading group


Initiated by Bianca Stoppani, this reading group engages with feminist speculative fiction and its emancipatory potential. These stories, in fact, question the power relations that imbricate and regulate one’s subjectivity by opposing strange and estranging scenarios. The aim is to open up a time-space to critically imagine with the desires and forces of the stories, by siding with them and asking: which questions about the present time do they trigger? Which modes of being do their characters live in, which strategies of resistance do they articulate, and which possibilities do they harbinger in order to rewrite that very same present? Open to all, Stereotyper fosters intersectional and collective practices of listening, learning, and wor(l)d-making.

For further information on the readings and calendar, please email

A special thanks to Enrico Boccioletti, Marina Cavadini, and Elena Radice for having generouslycreated a space to gather and think together.

Thanks to Luigi Amato, Valentina Avanzini, Enrico Boccioletti, Dafne Boggeri, Alessandra Castellazzi, Anna Castelli, Margherita Castiglioni, Marina Cavadini, Gabriele Cremonesi, Melissa Ghidini, Diego Gualandris, Viola Leddi, Zoe De Luca, Nicolò Porcelluzzi, Ivan Rachieli, Elena Radice, Margherita Raso, Gloria De Risi, Riccardo Sala, Stella Succi, Pier Mauro Tamburini, Natalia Trejbalova, Laura Tripaldi, Isabella Zamboni and Ilaria Zanella.